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The Cultural and Convention Centre of METU renovates and improves its operational and managerial assets and human resources in order to provide the best of services without compromising from its basic virtues at international levels. Our policy aims to promote an intensive and effective usage of The Cultural and Convention Centre and to accommodate national and international events by offering the best social, technical and spatial facilities. We also welcome partnerships and collaboration to support events that provide the utmost scientific, artistic, cultural, and social contribution to the society without considerations of profit.


The Cultural and Convention Centre of METU, with its location, architectural features, and technical infrastructure, is a centre where cultural, scientific, and social activities of higher participation are comfortably held. The medium offered provides the prerequisites of international standards and responds to the satisfaction of users and employees. The Cultural and Convention Centre has valued education as the main aim and has managed to keep the heartbeat of the public and METU in cultural and artistic activities.


The Cultural and Convention Centre of The Middle East Technical University was established in 1996 to function as an important resource for the cultural and social infrastructure of the university. The aim of The Cultural and Convention Centre is to directly support the participation of the Middle East Technical University and Turkey to the media of domestic and international communication. The Centre, which encompasses all the items of contemporary technology, aims at setting an example with its success shown in organizing diverse activities that range from art exhibitions to scientific conventions.

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